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Progress Report 25th September

Sep 26, 2011 at 6:01 AM

Project is still being worked on of course!

Thousands of things have been changed/added and I removed all the alpha releases because they are too out of date.

I will not release a new source code quite yet until I add a few more things. Thanks to all the followers!

Change Log:

- Completely recoded all of the movements including the mouse movements

- Player can now walk on cubes or choose to fly (For now)

- There is now sand near water

- Performance increased by 1000%..

- Program now starts up instantly.

- Camera no longer "Choppy" and is now 100% smooth

- Map now serializes as one big map file instead of 600 small ones.

- Managed memory usage

- Reworked much of the saving / loading code

- Now an option to unload buffers when chunks are not in view, also reloads when a chunk is back in view. Disabled for now because it's slow to load them.

- Crosshair added.

- Changed a few array typed to jagged of course for serialization.

- Many other things.

- Commented / Organized and sped up code.


Working on:

- Map generation still and Biomes soon.

- Jumping and getting gravity right

- Placing / Removing cubes.

- Other things